Upon Graduation

The Campus presents a pool of youths that cannot be found elsewhere. From many nations, peoples, religions and background, they are gathered together for one purpose: to study. It is therefore a unique mission field. The needs on campus today are so real and diverse in nature. It is a complex mission field. The spiritual, moral, material, academic and social needs are overwhelming. The truth remains that the campus today is in dire need of the gospel. It is a mission field, waiting to be harnessed. It is field ripe for harvest. The hope of the Church and the nation is on our campuses and this is where God has called us to LABOUR.

It is therefore important for those who have gone through NIFES or any other Christian Fellowship during their university days return to give a helping hand in reaching the lost souls of the campus with the gospel – here in lies the role of the ASSOCIATES. NIFES has an entire directorate to look into harnessing the potentials of these former graduates and coordinating their involvement in helping NIFES achieve her Vision on the campuses of Nigerian Universities.

The associate directorate in NIFES is clearly saddled with the responsibility helping the associates of NIFES and other Christian bodies transform the Campus and Society upon graduation, and this is through training and capacity building for societal influence.

Who is an associate?

All categories of NIFES graduates. All other Christians (graduates and non-graduates) who have position and interest in the ministry of NIFES and are willing to be actively involved with her.