Our Cardinal Objective

Cardinal Objective

  • Evangelism:

 Giving every student an opportunity to respond to Jesus Christ

  • Discipleship:

 Helping students know Jesus and building a lifelong relationship with  Him that result in daily development of godly virtues.

  • Leadership:

Developing multiplying leaders in students through, modeling, shared leadership and training's that will give them distinctive advantage anywhere

  • Missions:

Challenging students about their stewardship responsibility to the unreached and providing opportunities for response

  • Student Initiative:

Releasing students ingenuity for gospel engagement;‘ students reaching out-to- students’

NIFES Strategic Plan 2016-2021

In pursuit of her vision and the implementation of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) Living Stones Vision 2020, NIFES is working with a 5 years Strategic Plan October 2016- September 2021. The overall desire of the Strategic Plan is to build

…an organization with well developed structures and functional systems; passionate and vision driven students, staff and Associates who are committed to the scriptures and prayers; building a movement of Christ-like students in institution of higher learning in Nigeria.

Students, who are committed to following Jesus Christ and making Him known on campus.

Staff, who are Passionate and committed and are living a life of abandoned devotion to Jesus Christ and are creatively equipping students to live for Him.

Associateswho are committed to Jesus Christ and are living as witnesses in the market place and are partnering with staff and students in training and resourcing the vision.

The Strategic Plan has six Priority Areas as follows:

  1. Engaging the tertiary institutions
  2. Evangelical heritage and spiritual growth
  3. Political and social engagement
  4. Information and communication technology
  5. Leadership development
  6. Fund mobilization and development


NIFES also affirms the IFES Firm Foundations and Core Commitments of Scripture Engagement, community and Prayers.


NIFES Stakeholders Speak on the Strategic Plan

 “The NIFES Strategic Plan 2016-2021 is one of the best things that has happened to NIFES of late…” John O. Zaria Area


“It is good, and if implemented NIFES will go to greater heights. Please let us work hard to ensure that the written thoughts and plan come to pass. I am willing to do my part to see that it is implemented.” Dr. J.S. Obed.


 “We thank God that we are now getting our bearing right and with prayers we are now set to take the campus for the Lord”. Makurdi, Zonal Chairman.


The Strategic Plan is timely and necessary. It is a good thing to think of the future of our organization today. The Lord bless NIFES. Without doubt I believe in this vision more than ever before”. David Adejoh, Abuja Zonal President