Our Mission

NIFES exists to reach out to students through evangelism and discipleship training, to mobilize them upon graduation to impact the campus, church and society with godly values.

Our Philosophy

“students reaching students for Christ”.

We believe that Staff and Associates are partnering to equip students to reach out to other students on campus with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The basic principle of our operation is Student Reaching Students and National reaching Nationals.  Hence, commitment to students’ initiative and Leadership is fundamental to our calling as “a mission of students to students.

However, it is crucial to define the spheres of Student Leadership vis-à-vis Staff/Associates responsibility in the operations of our Movement.  To say that we are ‘a student-led movement’ may be confusing unless we carefully delineate proper sphere of responsibility, distinguishing between leadership in the local campus group, students event at National level, and other National aspects of the work such as finance, staff recruitment and welfare, council membership, church relationship etc.  Our commitment to student leadership does not mean there is no place for Staff/Associate initiative.

 Our philosophy therefore suggests a working partnership based on personal respect and spiritual authority with Staff, Associates and Students exercising responsibility in their respective area of competence.