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You are packaged to Lead
You are one of the greatest things that have happened to this world and God’s greatest gift to your campus. Your packaging – strength and weaknesses; background and past experiences; what you have and do not have etc. are all arranged by God from time immemorial to make you the person that he wants you to be and the best leader NIFES will ever have. I decided to write this letter to remind you of the deposit of God in your life: how to develop it and use it in fulfilling the great assignment that God has given to you.

First, I want you to know that it’s not NIFES that called you to leadership; it is God, your creator. The One who knows you inside out. The One to whom you will give account and the One upon whom your success solidly depends. Please note that you are not an accidental leader; you are God’s approved servant (Jeremiah 1:5)

The vision you are called to and to lead others to promote is God’s vision. It is the summary of the entire Bible. What Jesus Christ came and died for; what the Church for over 2,000 years exist to promote and multiply. It is the vision of seeing Christ-likeness filled the earth and in our context, the campus world. If you live to understand and promote this vision, you would move towards God’s ordained purpose for your life.

A call to leadership in the fellowship is a call to service. Therefore, don’t expect to be served but prepare your mind to serve. Don’t expect to receive but prepare your mind to give. Don’t expect to be appreciated, rather prepare to appreciate others. In this few months you have to lead, your hidden wealth will be brought to limelight. But in all, leadership in the Fellowship is rewarding because it gives you an opportunity to grow and become a better you. Always remember that, Leadership is a trust.

Your one most important resources in this few months as a leader in the fellowship is relationship; Your relationship with God and your relationship with God’s people. How you relate with God will affect how you relate His people and how you relate with His people is a clear practice of your relationship with God. I advise you to value all that God will bring your way in this few months. Always remember that no human being is useless and all human beings no matter how wicked they are, can be transformed by God to great instrument in His hands. Please whatever it will take, invest in learning how to relate with God and His people.

Great leaders are those who responded to God’s ability in them. They are people who knew they were accountable to God and those whom God has called to provide them with leadership. To be responsible is to be accountable, accept duty, be in charge; take the blame; take the lead; own up when things don’t work.

To make impact on campus, you must take responsibility for God to influence you to be an influence to others. You must first be transform to transform others; you must first be led to lead others. Do away with all forms of blame and complain. They a have never made any person a leader to reckon with in God’s agenda. Daniel, made impact because he took responsibility for his purity, devotion and academics. He had all the excuses to give as a person in a foreign land. But decided to stand on the side of God and God’s programme for his life.
God has called you to make your life count for his glory but you must first take responsibility for the opportunity he has given to you.

All great leaders that left marks on the sands of time were ordinary persons that chose to depend on an extraordinary God. Thus, leadership will not change your humanity. You are still a normal human being or an ordinary student with a capacity to fail.
Leadership will bring out many hidden things about you that were not obvious to others. Your weaknesses will be more pronounce as you assume leadership. But recognizing that you are human will help you depend more on God and his resources. Many young leaders made a shipwreck of their lives on campus because they assume a position beyond God’s design for them. Don’t allow the title and the name calling make you lose sight of who you are before God. His strength is made perfect to those who acknowledge their weakness and God’s ability to help them scale through. Don’t forget please you are still human and prone to the challenges all human beings face.

You are a creative being. No one in the entire world, born by a woman is like you. You are unique and packaged with unique abilities. Creativity is not some “great things” but it is doing the normal things in different ways to enable people be who they are created to be. It simply means a ‘created activity’. I challenge you to think outside the box on how you can achieve what you are called to do without altering the core message. God said you can. I believe you can. Arise and unleash the creative deposits in you. Remember there are 1001 ways of doing what you are called to do.

No man succeeds alone. No player wins the Championship. It takes a team to win the Championship. You are going to be working with different kinds of people that have different views about life and situations. Some will be opposite of who you are. However, what will make you a great leader is your ability to join hands with them to build the great house called “Christ-likeness” on campus. I call on you to learn and use all the dynamics of teamwork. If you want to go fast in leadership go alone, but if you want to go far in leadership go with others. Always remember you are part of a team called to build a house called “Christ-likeness” and what you do affects the work of others and ultimately the great vision.

You are first a student before you are a student leader. Leadership is not an excuse for academic failures but an opportunity to excel. I got my best grade on campus when I served as the group President of our Fellowship.
You need to deliberately set academic goals, Strategies, plan your time, attend lectures and also learn from others when necessary. As a leader one thing you need to know now is that there will be lots of demands on your time. Hence, there is need for deliberate planning of your time. Remember also that being the best in academics is not about having the best grade, but being the best of the person you are packaged to be.

The Christian leader exists to serve his/her followers. The growth and maturity of the group, outreach to the campus, and discipleship are first priority. If your motivation for being a leader is to gain status on campus, feel needed, or have something to show on your college transcript…beware. A leader serves people by freeing them to use their various gifts and abilities in working toward a common goal. Effective leaders are effective team players. They share the responsibilities of leadership with others; they affirm one another’s gifts and efforts; they coordinate their efforts with other members of the team; and they shape their strategy around the gifts and abilities of fellow team members.

Leadership will not make you immune to sexual temptation. In fact it will create more platform for you to be tempted in this area.

Not all readers are leaders but all great leaders are readers and learners. Great resources for leadership are not in the banks but in books. I appeal to you to be a reader. Start with reading at least one book monthly and grow to one book weekly before you move to another stage of leadership. To read books, invest in books. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is buying a book and reading it. In all your reading, make the reading of the great Book – the Bible your priority.

There are three things that have kept me going on in the Christian faith and leadership roles. And as I grow in life and study great Christian leaders, they all share these three things:
• God’s Word
To succeed in life and in God’s work, you must allow God to speak to you through His Word. Reading and studying the Scriptures must be central in your life. You cannot become Christ-like if you don’t read and obey God’s word and you cannot lead like Jesus if you are not becoming like Him. Let the Bible be central in all you do.
• Prayers
No man truly reads or studies the Bible who do not end up praying. God speaks to you through His word and you speak to God through prayers. Listen to word from Wesley L Duewel ‘No one’s life is greater than his prayer life. No one’s influence is wider than his prayer. No one’s power is greater than his prayer.’ While Bill Graham Said ‘if I’ve another chance, I’ll pray more and preach less’. Don’t be eager to visit a campus to preach without praying. With prayers you can turn your campus upside down for God’s glory.

• Evangelism
God speaks to you through Bible reading, you speak to God through prayers and you speak for God through evangelism. No man encounters God and keeps His encounter to himself. Evangelism must be a part of your life if you want to excel as a leader on campus and beyond.

Think About Finishing Well
To finish well think through the following Characteristics of those who have finished well:
• They had perspective which enabled them to focus
• They enjoyed intimacy with Christ and experienced repeated times of inward renewal
• They were disciplined in important areas of life
• They maintained a positive learning attitude all their lives.
• They had a network of meaningful relationships and several important mentors during their lifetime.
• Those who finished well helped others to be finishers
Be the Best
Beloved, God gave you His best – Jesus Christ and He wants nothing from you but your best. Today can be the best day of your leadership. Make up your mind to give God nothing but your best anywhere, anytime and under any condition.
Colossians 1:28-29
In all you do, do it unto the Lord and for His glory.


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    Lawrence Syene says

    Indeed NIFES is an organisation to raise leaders but I like the word platform, to raise men and women to know thier place and values as a christian and how to live as a successful christian in the market place…thanks to God for NIFES

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